Create Monday

Yeah, I said it. Monday’s just a day. But if this is true and Monday is no different to the other six days of the week, why then, are you getting that feeling of dread?

If you’re where I’ve been, you dread Sunday evenings because the reality of Monday morning is that little bit closer and you hate your job/the thought you HAVE to be there til 5pm/the thought that you’re going to a place where you don’t feel valued/you’re not progressing at your workplace, or whatever else it is that makes you feel crap.

Monday’s hard because you don’t feel it brings anything new or better. Mondays are just not that set up that way.


The thing I like about Monday is that it represents the start of a new mini-season. It’s another opportunity for me to make steps towards my goals and create the change I want in my life.

For example,  for the last nine months, I’ve sat and complained to my husband that I’m unhappy with my weight and that I need to lose weight. Meanwhile, I’m loving white zinfandel, carbs galore (gosh, carbs are in everything good!) and not doing a jot of exercise!

Slowly but surely, I’m gaining weight to where, for the first time in my life, bending down to put my shoes on is hard work!! I’m like, WHAT. IS. THIS???

The thing is though, I’m feeling uncomfortable so I’m motivated to create change. My new gym plan starts tomorrow and I feel good about it!

There – I’ve shared my first world problem but what about you? Are you uncomfortable enough  that you know there’s got to be more going on for you and that you’re going to make changes?


If you’re feeling down about the thought of the reality that tomorrow brings, it’s time for you to create Monday. Make the decision to create Monday in a way that works for you and enable you to feel good about this new mini-cycle!

Maybe you’ll revamp your CV to attract your ideal employer’s attention. Maybe you’ll speak with your boss about promotional opportunities in the pipeline at work. Maybe you’ll decide that now is the time to start building the career or lifestyle that you really want and really commit to this decision.

What are you going to change about tomorrow? What one thing are you going to do differently?

Tamaan Wilkinson