"I don't have time to jobsearch" - 5 tips to make it happen

Hey love,

It's not easy to find a new job when you're already working full time, have family commitments and are generally, trying to have a life. I know!

If your current role is demanding and/or you feel demotivated, it's even harder to get on with the jobsearching that you know you need to be doing and then commit time to filling out applications. 

Since the new job angel doesn't exist, it's all up to you to make the time to jobsearch. I got ya back though! I'll show you how to get through this stage in the new job process.


So, how do you make it happen?


First, put your 'why', or reason for wanting a new role at the forefront of your mind

You can approach this from one of two angles: thinking of the benefits that achieving your goal will bring, e.g feeling so much happier or content, having a better work/life balance etc or thinking of the consequences of you not achieving your goal, so maybe you won't be able to make the money you really want to make if you don't get a new role or maybe you'll remain on the same level you're at now and won't progress. Whether you're motivated by the pleasure of achieving your goal or the pain and consequences of not achieving your goal, put this at the forefront of your mind.


Schedule your time

If you're really busy and/or feel super demotivated, finding the time to commit to jobsearching is unlikely to come naturally.... so you gotta plan! Decide on the days and times you'll dedicate to looking for new roles and stick to it. Diarise it, write it down, tell your family and friends that you're busy during these particular times and don't let yourself get distracted. Treat this time like a hot date - make it a priority!


Tell your family & friends that you're jobsearching

Your family and friends can support you during this in two ways. They can recognise that you're going to be busy at certain times and avoid asking you out for shopping dates and stuff that'll distract you and also, they may be able to help you out practically by letting you know about roles you might be interested in or babysitting so that you can get on with the jobsearch without worrying about the kids. 


Let the jobs come to you

No, not miracles or magic - job alerts :) The major job sites like Indeed and Monster let you create an account and set up job alerts so that you can indicate the types of roles you'd be interested in and voila! You'll receive emails with roles that should match your interests. Granted, you still have to sift through the roles but it cuts down the amount of time you spend scouring websites.


Treat the search like a job!

No joke. When I worked as an employment advisor, I'd regularly tell my clients that jobsearching was a job in itself. What I meant was that, just like a job, you have to commit consistent time and energy into finding a new role. Just like an actual job, your 'pay' is delayed but comes when you land the role that's perfect for you. So look at your jobsearch as a job, take it seriously and you'll get the results you're looking for.

Here's to your successful jobsearch!


Tamaan x

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