Stop Disqualifying Yourself

So, you come across a vacancy for a role that you quite like the sound of. You’ve been thinking of a change for a while now and think this role could well be the change you’re looking for.

It looks all good until you read the job description and realise that they’re looking for a ‘dynamic, strategic thinker, a creative and driven individual.’ You think to yourself ‘well I’m good at what I do but I wouldn’t say I’m particularly dynamic or strategic.’

You read further and realise that the role pays a good £10,ooo-£15,000 more than your current job. ‘Nah‘, you think to yourself. ‘If they’re paying that much, they obviously want someone way more experienced/strategic/dynamic than me. No, this role isn’t for me.’

GIRL! I want to shake you!

This thing where people disqualify themselves from opportunities they could likely secure and do very well in isn’t new and it’s crap.

And it’s usually women. For some reason, we have more of a tendency than men to read a job description, see words that scare us, see salaries that we don’t think we can command and talk ourselves out of going for certain roles.

A guy, on the other hand, will read the same job description, realise he doesn’t quite meet all the criteria and think ‘I’m gonna apply anyway.‘ That level of self-doubt just isn’t the same. Of course, I know I’m generalising but from observation and experience (including my own), I see that this is something women tend to deal with more.

If this resonates with you, recognise that the biggest obstacle to you landing these roles is yourself. Think about it this for a moment. How often do you see someone in a role that you know you could do well (or better) and say to yourself ‘I could do that.’

I’m sure you have and I’m sure you could but you didn’t.

It’s for you to allow yourself the opportunity. The next time you see a role that you think you could do, even if you don’t quite meet all the criteria but know you could do it, GO FOR IT. Don’t second-guess yourself or be disheartened by big words – you are a skilled and talented woman and they need someone just like you. Why shouldn’t it be you?


Tamaan WilkinsonComment