What Is Career Success?

Welcome to my blog, I’m glad you found me! I’m Tamaan Wilkinson and I’m a career success coach and consultant. If you want to know a little more about me, my isms and schisms, click here.

I spent a little while thinking about what my first blog post should be and guessed that since I’m here to talk about career success, it’s probably a good idea to talk about what this actually means, as well as the whole reason for this blog.


Career success means different things to different people but so that we’re singing from the same hymn sheet, I’ll tell you what it means to me.

In a nutshell, I define career success as the achievement of career or career-related goals that are aligned with one’s values, beliefs, identity and purpose.

You can change the word ‘career’ for ‘job’ if you don’t yet have a career (I’ll be explaining the difference in another post).

Personally, I’m less interested in how high up the corporate ladder you can climb, whether you’re making mad money and whether you have your own office, with your name on the door. I’m interested in whether this works for you. 

If it doesn’t and you need substance, value and fulfilment in the work that you do on a daily basis, this blog is for you.


I hear you cry! If you read my About page, you’ll know that I’m a career success coach and consultant who is passionate about working with women.

The ‘coach’ bit refers to the way that I work. A coach encourages, empowers, motivates, challenges and holds their client to account as they work towards achieving whatever it is they want to achieve.

A great coach uses a range of powerful skills and tools to do this but one thing they don’t do is tell you what to do. A great coach knows you have the power to get the results you want and they use their skills to tease that power out and help you manifest that into something tangible.

I also work as a consultant which is more directive. Some of the info on my blog will be directive because when it comes to the finer details of things such as acquiring high impact interview skills and CV do’s and don’t’s, different people need specific advice and guidance in order to help them achieve their goals.

Put this all together and you have someone who works with women to help them create their own career success.


Now that you know what the whole career success stuff’s about, let’s talk about the blog.

First of all, I’ve always loved writing. I thought I’d be an author when I was a little kid. Maybe I will one day but for now, this blog is a way for me to share my expertise, following years of supporting people in finding employment.

I’ll be sharing tips, information, articles and other good stuff that will help you to step into your purpose and create the career you want. I’ll also be giving you free gifts every now and then that you can use to create the change you’re looking for.

I also deliver career coaching programmes for women who want more out of their careers. My next coaching programme will start in the New Year so watch out for that if you’re after personal support in taking your career success to another level.

On a personal note, I’m big into natural hair (haven’t relaxed my hair since 2004, go me!) and I love finding and sharing tips for natural hair care that keep my crowning glory in shape.

For reasons that I think belong to the dark ages, natural hair can be a subject of debate, particularly when it comes to women in the workplace. You’ll get to hear more from me on this, as it’s relevant to many career women across the globe.


I’m open to your feedback about the blog, especially suggestions around topics you’d like to be covered, just get in touch. I’ll let you know from the get-go that I’m no computer whiz so please lower your expectations if you were hoping for amazing visuals!

You’ll also be able to subscribe to receive my blog posts straight to your inbox.

Thank you and welcome to my blog. Love, Tamaan x

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