Is Your Fear of Uncertainty Holding You Back?

We’re all comfortable with different levels of risk; some of us are risk averse and will go to great lengths to avoid uncertainty or loss, whilst others are happy to take great risks and thrive on uncertainty.

I write about risk as I recently worked with a beautiful client who struggled with uncertainty and felt that any decision she made had to be ‘right’. This is something I can relate to as I, too, have become stuck because I was so focused on ‘getting it right’ that it hindered me from making progress. In essence, fear was in the driving seat, not me.


If you’re averse to risk, this is likely to mean that you avoid taking chances, full stop. If you’re a woman who needs to feel certain about the outcome of a decision that you make before making a decision, you’re likely to wait until the time comes (if the times comes) when all your ducks are lined up and you can see each and every step you’ll take.

The problem is, how often does this happen? How often do we have all the information we need about a particular issue before we decide whether or not to go ahead?

You could remain in the job you’ve held for years, comfortable in the fact that you know the role inside out. You might not enjoy the job anymore but it’s it’s what you know. I get that.

Thinking about leaving your job and moving on to a new opportunity can represent several types of risk. Common concerns are ‘what if I have to accept a drop in pay?’ and ‘what if I don’t like my new job?’ Such fears may be justifiable as, let’s be real, the bills won’t stop landing on your doormat, however, until you start exploring the possibilities, you will never know whether, actually, there IS a position for you, just waiting for you to find or create it.

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Two actions that you can take now to move forward, in terms of building a healthier relationship with uncertainty concerning your career are:

  1. Designing your career strategy. To help you work with the inevitable risks associated with most big decisions, as opposed to avoiding taking risks, start thinking about your own career strategy. For more info on how to create a career strategy, read my blog post.

      2.  Start speaking life into your situation. 

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love its use will eat its fruit.” Proverbs 18:21.                              Believe and profess aloud that you WILL find a position that’s right for you and you WILL be ok, financially.


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