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Hey lady,

I hope you’re having a blessed week, so far!

I wanted to fill you in on something that’s been on my mind for a while and was confirmed when I listened in on an excellent webinar last week, delivered by Kitty Tonkin. Kitty is a super vibrant business success coach, based in Australia and she said something which really got me thinking about the way we view our current circumstances.

Kitty’s message was to make peace with your current job, which, if you read this blog, is something you might read and think ‘what is Tamaan on, doesn’t she know I need to keep this moving??’ but just wait a sec, I’ve got something for you…


If you’re anything like me, when you decide you really want something, like a change  in career, progression within your current organisation, or even just a new set of  crochet braids, you give it 100% and anything that even threatens to infringe upon  your focus, is basically, dirt.

I hear you.

The problem with this way of thinking though, is that it devalues your current situation and makes it a lot harder to commit to, and stay present in your current role or  circumstances, when actually, where you are right now is serving a purpose.


Ok. You might be in a job that you hate, or are just really demotivated because you’d wanted to move on, or make other progress ages ago. Maybe you’re not working at the moment and it’s getting you down.

If so,  I hope you’re making steps to find the fulfilment you’re looking for but in the meantime, finding the good, or the purpose in your current circumstances is going to transform the way you think about, and, thus, feel about your current situation.

Your current purpose may be in your ability to make a difference in the lives of your colleagues through the smallest of actions, the fact that you’ve learnt heaps in your role that you can share for the benefit of others or the fact that actually, you’re still picking up skills that you can take into your next role.

If you’re unemployed, maybe there’s a purpose in using this time to really get clear about the next move you make, rather than just taking the next job you’re offered. Perhaps it’s about you taking the time to build your confidence and learn presentation skills that will help you to land your dream role, or networking and meeting someone who turns out to be the link between you and that dream role. Don’t stay down, prepare for greatness!



Regardless of your role, if you’re able to identify purpose in where you are right now, it will help you to feel more motivated whilst you’re there, rather than waking up and thinking, ”arghhh!! I can’t cope with another day of this!” and then moping around, feeling negative.

Ultimately, this will enable you to feel better about where you are, to find peace, until the time comes when you’re able to say to your line manager, or your advisor at the Jobcentre, ”see ya!”

So… do yourself a favour and transform your mindset when it comes to your present situation. Make it lighter.

Blessings, Tamaan






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