Lacking experience for that dream job?

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How are you? I held an hour long, live training the other week, where I taught 5 steps to planning & creating your dream career. It was a great session, absolutely jam-packed with information.

At the end of the training, we had a Q & A section, with people asking some really good questions.

Someone asked a question around a challenge that can be a real sticking point for lots of people and it's what to do when you think or know you lack experience needed for the role you really want.

I'm going to make this really brief so that you can quickly figure out what you might need to do to get the experience you need:

Look close to home first

If you're in a job at the moment, look at how you can gain relevant experience with your current employer. I referred to this during the training session as leading on your professional development plan. For example, if your goal is to find a role in management, ask your boss if you can take the lead on certain projects that'll help you to develop strategic planning skills or ask about management training. Secondments are another good way of building your skills, whilst still getting paid. The best way to get a 'yes' here is to link your career goals with your employer's strategic objectives. 

On the topic of training, be prepared to invest in your development

If your employer can't or won't fund an educational or training programme for you, pay for it yourself. No-one will be as invested in your career development as you are so don't hang around. Look into funding, grants, remitted (discounted) fees for courses. You may even need to borrow   some money to gain the knowledge and skills you need.

Open yourself to the possibility of doing just one or two hours of volunteering each week... a role that'll give you the experience you need. Don't look at volunteering as 'giving your time away for free', see it as a simple way to gain the skills that'll make you a much stronger candidate for the role. If your ideal role is a professional role, look for the closest related opportunity that links with the role and learn, learn, learn. Qualifications count but it's what you're able to do that makes the difference to many employers. Get the experience in, love!

Master the art of identifying & selling your transferable skills

Lastly, if there isn't a big gap between your experience and the role you want (and even it's bigger than you think it should be!), mastering the art of identifying and selling your transferable skills is the way forward for you. If you know how to highlight your existing skills, knowledge and experience and talk about them in a way that makes your potential employer say, "I want to hire her", you'll go further than you thought possible and land that dream role. Click here to learn how to do this.

If your concern is not having the experience you need, know that this is something you can fix, with some effort and smart thinking. 


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